Need A Speaker?

I am available as a speaker for professional, school, religious, community, or charitable groups. For local groups, generally there is no charge. A partial list of speaking topics are listed below, which can be modified to suit your group's needs. Presentations can range in duration from about 20 minutes to 2 hours. For a negotiated fee, I can also do a seminar series for more serious educational programs. If your group has a need for an engaging speaker, please call me at 408-257-4137.

Retirement Planning

The importance of starting to save early

Important issues for those retiring within 3-7 years

Establishing a “Retirement Roadmap” for those retired or those retiring shortly

Investment Topics

Financial Strategies for Uncertain Times

Investment Basics

Mutual Fund Basics

Index Funds and Exchange Traded Funds -
What Are They and What is So Great About Them Anyway?

Investing Simplified - What Is Really Important in Building an Investment Portfolio

5 Criteria to Use When Selecting a Mutual Fund

What Is Asset Allocation & Why Is It So Important?

Financial Planning Topics

Your Greatest Financial Legacy - Teaching your Children (or Grandchildren) To Save & Invest

How Select a Financial Advisor

Financial Planning Issues for Women

Will My Money Last As Long As I Do?

College Planning Topics

Section 529 College Savings Plans - Are They Right For You?

Demystifying the College Financial Aid Process